21 March 2011

Cocker spaniel being treated after thrown from moving car

A cocker spaniel was recently thrown from a moving car on highway 135 in Indiana, causing many broken bones and appearing to be dead at the side of the road.

A woman, Tiffany Crone, witnessed the cruel act as it took place.

Crone says, “It appeared to me that they were trying to hit it intentionally because they opened the door threw the dog out and then did a u-turn and swerved at it and kept going.”

Crone and a neighbor cared for the dog, dubbed Bambi, until rescue arrived. Bambi was brought to Louisville Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Services for treatment. The wounds are severe and surgery is highly probable.

Authorities are still searching for the culprit, though they believe that the person or people are living local.

Rebecca Eaves, at the Shamrock Foundation Arrow Fund, states that, “She's beautiful and nobody is ever going to hurt her again."

Click here for more information on Bambi's recovery, and if you would like to help her and other animals visit the Shamrock Foundation Arrow Fund to donate.

Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

Photo credit: fox41.com video screen capture