15 March 2011

PepsiCo announces 100% plant based PET bottle

Remember hearing that the box of junky breakfast cereals was probably more nutritious than the actual cereal? Now PepsiCo is joining the ranks of products that’s packaging may be healthier than its contents. Not that I’m suggesting you eat a Pepsi bottle, even with some almond milk and sugar.

PepsiCo just announced it has developed a petroleum free plastic bottle made from plant based, fully renewable sources. The bottle, which is made out of by-products from Pepsi’s food business including switch grass, pine bark and corn husks, will be introduced in a pilot program starting in 2012.

This is Pepsi’s latest effort to keep up with and overtake Coca-Cola, who unveiled their own petroleum-free bottle in 2009. Coca-Cola’s bottle is only 30 percent plant based.

Pepsi also has several lines with environmentally sensitive packaging made out of recycled or partially recycled materials, such as Aquafina and Naked Juice.

The company's compostable SunChips brand bags created quite a controversy last year when consumers complained about how noisy the bags were, and Pepsi decided to switch back to a packaging that was easier on the ears.

Coca-Cola said recently the company’s goal was to use plant based bottles for all its beverages.
Who knew the cola wars could be good for the environment?

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Photo credit: PEPSICO