07 March 2011

New spoof of drug ads prompts viewers to 'Ask Your Doctor About Meat'

Now here’s a video created by Ollie H. Productions that’s too funny to pass up!

This latest viral video sensation titled “Ask Your Doctor About Meat” is presented as a parody of television drug ads. This clever video spoof touting the very real negative health, environmental and ethical problems associated with eating animals nails the images and tones commonly used by the pharmaceutical industry to hook consumers. Because the abuse and exploitation that farmed animals endure is intentionally concealed from public view, and masked by flashy ad campaigns and catchy jingles, few consumers ever question or come face-to-face with the true cost of meat: violence toward animals.

The classic spoof sarcastically tells consumers to "Be sure to talk to your doctor about meat. That's a meal that will stick to your ribs." Nothing like a hilarious parody to highlight the very stylized way meat and dairy advertisers use to promote their cruel products.

Corey Roscoe | Facebook
Corey serves as Mercy For Animals' Ohio Campaign Coordinator, organizing events and campaigns, and coordinating volunteers throughout Ohio. Adopting a plant-based diet 20 years ago, Corey's goal is to work within her community to promote awareness of vegan diets to help widen people's circles of compassion.

Photo credit:screen capture