03 March 2011

PETA gives 'Proggy Award' to Perez Hilton for 'Teddy Hilton' blog

Celebrity gossip guru Perez Hilton and his website, TeddyHilton.com, a blog created in honor of his beloved dog Teddy, recently earned PETA’s Proggy Award for the Most Compassionate Blog. PETA's Proggy (progress) Awards recognize animal friendly achievements in commerce and culture.

"Everyone in their own small ways can help make the lives of animals better—on a daily basis," Hilton told PETA in an exclusive interview. "From something as simple as not buying makeup that's tested on animals to spaying and neutering … so that … we don't have tons of animals in the shelters and … not wearing fur."

Although it is slightly ironic that Perez Hilton’s other blog shows the exact opposite of “compassion” for humans, the gossip personality has done many wonderful things for animal rights, including working with PETA to “Save the Seals!

Hilton was humbled to receive the award saying, “Thank you SO MUCH! We do it because we do believe that all animals should be treated with compassion! That's something EVERYONE can agree on!”

Teddy was very thankful as well, if you wish to view Teddy's speech, click here.

Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/burningkarma