09 February 2011

What Vegans Eat: Amazingly delicious cruelty-free cheesecake

Cheesecake lovers have no fear. You can be vegan and eat your cheesecake too!

I had banished myself from the thought of ever tasting it again until I found The Joy of Vegan Baking (http://www.joyofveganbaking.com/). This dessert is just as creamy and amazing as any non-vegan cheesecake.

So go ahead, splurge on 3 containers of Tofutti and impress all your omni-friends with a cheesecake that doesn't taste a bit like tofu.

Katelyn Vajgrt
Katelyn holds a Bachelor of Science in Health, with a focus on Community Health. She currently lives in rural, Southwestern Colorado with 3 humans, 4 sheep, 5 cats, 2 chickens and a dog. She spends her days entertaining a wee vegan baby, changing cloth diapers and making magic happen in the kitchen. Visit Katelyn's blog.

Photo credit: Katelyn Vajgrt