28 February 2011

Top five vegan recipe websites you can't miss

Living in the country is idyllic. My neighbours are amish and most are four-legged. The closest 7-11 is 20 miles away. But it's tricky to find any restaurants, let alone vegan restaurants. Homemade meals are often my sole option. Fortunately, my pantry is well-stocked and the world of food is at my fingertips. I'm going to share with you my very own Top Five Veg Recipe Websites so you too can ultimately feel empowered to feed yourself!

Fat Free Vegan Kitchen
(kid-friendly, easy, fat free)
Susan is one of the original vegan recipe bloggers. Most of her original recipes have the added bonus of being fat free not an easy feat in conscientious cooking. The site has a kid friendly section with many comfort foods that she serves her own family. Your family will love Baked Spring Rolls or Easy Macaroni and Cheeze.

Vegan Yum Yum
(elegant recipes, step by step photography)
What started as a blog is now an enterprise for vegan cook, Lolo. Last year, she published a cookbook with her recipes featuring her own charming food photography. She has even made cupcakes on the Martha Stewart Show. Step by step photos allow for easy understanding of such elegant treats as Miniature Napoleons with Eggplant Creme and Tuile Cookies.

Finding Vegan
(variety, links to recipe sites)
Start your own favourite list by visiting this site of food photos and links contributed by different vegan bloggers each day. Have a napkin handy to clean up as you drool through this inspiring collection of photographs. Today I discovered Spinach Chickpea Burgers and Raw Pineapple Dessert which led me here:

Nature Insider
(raw vegan, great photography, unique)
This delightful and ambitious, worldly Canadian is Nadia. Her blog is more than food (and not all vegan) but the recipes on it are cutting edge. Perfect for your next "don't you wish you were vegan" dinner party Vegetable Jelly Salad or Veggie and Mushroom Bites.

Madcap Cupcake
(rustic baking, great photography, step by step)
As a vegan baker, I am always up for a challenge and my latest obsession is vegan pastry. Marika is a craftsman baker and a professional food stylist so this is a beautiful sight (site ;). Her detailed instructions make me believe that I can do it! This week's projects will be her Danish Braid and Cocoa Macarons... I will make them with love and ecstatic tears of joy.

The bounty of vegan recipe sites available is endless and more are available each week. I would keep going but it's dinner time and I have to start Lolo's Rustic Bread and Eggplant Lasagna. Happy cooking!

Leave a comment below to tell us your favorite recipe websites.

Catherine Cassidy
Catherine, aka the Goodness Baker, is a graphic designer, artist, writer, blogger, animal lover (especially kitties), traveler, and foodie. She adores her husband and his ability to take her flying and build her home. Catherine loves to cook vegetarian delights, work on cookbooks, illustrations, and fictional stories. Follow Catherine at the Goodness Bakeshop.

Photo credit: respective websites, This Dish Is Veg