07 February 2011

The Green Wave Cafe in Plantation, Florida, don't let the unassuming exterior fool you

Another stop on the whirlwind tour of South Florida was Green Wave Cafe, right outside of Ft. Lauderdale. The location—small, unassuming, set in a strip mall—gives no indication of how special the menu is, or how friendly and passionate about this endeavor its people are.

Behold, their signature Stuffed Burrito, “bursting with a raw refried bean pate, homemade guacamole and fresh salsa, plus the cheesiest of cheese, all rolled up in our famous red pepper wrap.” All true. All delicious. All animal product-free. Anyone suffering a cheese addiction should explore the raw way of making cheesy spreads, like this for instance. Pureed nut bases are the secret. Amazing.

Now behold the Vegan Cheeseburger, apparently the invention that put them “on the map.” A raw vegan pattie topped with organic fixins and plenty of cheesy, nutty goodness. Again, no animals were harmed in the making. Sweet! Which reminds me…

Raw desserts are fabulous, too. We tried the dairy-free chocolate shake and this beautiful chocolate banana pie. So thick. So creamy. So relatively guilt-free.

The staff and servers and customers all seemed so happy to be preparing and enjoying these special creations. Even the ionized water they serve is refreshingly…fresh. Gotta look into that. There’s always something new to learn about when you surround yourself with people who think and do. Rawr, Green Wave, rawr.

Kristine Kieswer | Kristine's Facebook
Kristine is the author of Ankle-Biting Terrier, the animal-centric, baby-free, 30-something blog. Early in her career she had the opportunity to write Healthy Eating for Life for Women under the direction of PCRM’s medical staff. In her spare moments Kristine studies dance, reads, travels, and fosters dogs.

Photo credits: Kristine Kieswer