16 February 2011

Dusty the cat burglar caught in the act on film

There is something unusual about Dusty, a Siamese cat from San Mateo, California. He is a cat burglar, meaning he is both a cat, and a burglar. By day, Dusty is an ordinary house cat, but at night he roams the neighborhood casing out houses looking for loot, and committing class A misdemeanors.

The felonious feline was caught red handed, I mean pawed, when Animal Planet’s TV show Must Love Cats set up a night vision camera on Dusty’s block and caught the cat stealing items from the neighbors every night.

Dusty’s booty of choice? Basically anything he can get his paws on, but neighbors say he has a particular fondness for women’s bathing suits.

One neighbor reported missing a pair of shoes. Turns out Dusty had to make two trips for that prize plunder.

Dusty’s haul over the last three years has been impressive; the puss has purloined over 600 items. Luckily for him, the neighbors have never ratted him out, as Dusty’s owners return the stolen merchandise the next morning.

Fast forward to 1:14 to see Dusty in the act.

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Photo credit: video screen capture