28 January 2011

Don't forget 'Vegan Pizza Day' is tomorrow, January 29

Earlier this month, Amanda was kind enough to post the details for this year's Vegan Pizza Day. Well the time is almost upon us, tomorrow Jan. 29, is in fact the big day.

Not wanting to give up comfort foods like pizza is one of the most used excuses for not wanting to go vegan, tomorrow is a great opportunity to gather your omnivore friends and treat them to some vegan pizza to prove they don't have to give up any taste to be cruelty free.

Where will you be getting your vegan pizza? Will you be making your own?

I'll personally be bringing my friends to ZPizza where they will be selling vegan pizza by the slice all day long.

Visit the Vegan Pizza Day website to find some great vegan pizza options.

Peter Godoy | @petergodoy
Peter lives in San Diego with two animal companion cats, Gremlin and Mila, and has no plans to ever leave America's Finest City. He was vegetarian for a couple months until he saw the light and became a vegan. Animal rights has become his passion. Peter enjoys reading vegan blogs and cooking vegan meals. Follow Peter on Facebook.

Photo credit:cc:flickr.com/photos/veganwarrior