27 December 2010

Cookbooks authored by Gordon Ramsay, Trisha Yearwood make 'Five Worst of 2010'

A few top celebrity chefs have ended up on The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) naughty list for peddling unhealthy, fat laden recipes in their latest cookbooks.

PCRM, a non-profit advocacy group which promotes nutrition education, has released its list of the Five Worst Cookbooks of 2010. Among the offending offerings guaranteed to send your cholesterol levels skyrocketing are deep fried bacon donuts from How to Cook Like a Top Chef, and Gordon Ramsay’s "Pheasant Casserole," an artery clogging concoction of two pheasants, bacon, butter, and double cream.

"They use some of the worst possible ingredients in terms of nutritional profiles," said Susan Levin, nutrition education director for PCRM. "They're using lots of heavy cream and butter and going all out in terms of fat and calories."

Trisha Yearwood, country singer and Mrs. Garth Brooks, offers Home Cooking which includes a recipe called "Garth’s Breakfast Bowl" consisting of 8 large eggs, a pound each of bacon and sausage, cheese tortellini, cheddar cheese, tater tots and butter. Hello Garth Brooks! Your wife is trying to kill you!

“These cookbooks completely disregard the fact that America’s in the midst of an obesity epidemic,” Levin stated. “Ramsay and other chefs have turned even traditionally healthy recipes into unhealthy ones by adding copious amounts of fat.”

Food Network star Ina Garten gets called out for turning simple vegetables into a weapons of mass destruction intent on increasing your girth by smothering them with butter, cream and bacon in her cookbook How Easy is That? Well, Ina, I have an easy way to prepare vegetables, don’t overcook them or drown out their flavor with heavy sauces. That’s easy and healthy too.

The Primal Blueprint’s cookbook which promotes the trendy Paleo or caveman diet makes it onto the list with its meat heavy offerings of entrails and offal, which sounds, well, just awful.

So here they are, 2010’s Five Worst Cookbooks that, according to PCRM, are “blueprints for obesity and heart disease”:

World Kitchen: Recipes From the F-Word by Gordon Ramsay
Barefoot Contessa: How Easy is That? by Ina Garten
Home Cooking by Trisha Yearwood
How to Cook Like a Top Chef from the makers of Top Chef
The Primal Blueprint Cookbook by Mark Sisson and Jennifer Meier

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  1. The Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine would do well to remember that these authors were writing a cookbook that was intended to showcase tasty dishes, not write a blueprint for the reduction in obesity. Unless I miss my guess, none of the books was entitled "How to eat so as to get less fat".

    I'm sure Mr. Ramsay doesn't confine himself to iceberg lettuce and tofu, and yet he appears lean and fit. Maybe, and I'm just spitballing here, folks that either are obese or work with the obese should consider that it isn't food that is the issue. The issue lies with a lack of education, motivation and self control. All issues beyone the scope of a book of a chef's favorite recipes.

  2. VeganAvenger12/27/10, 12:26 PM

    Obviously Brian has had one too many high fat meals himself.

  3. "8 large eggs, a pound each of bacon and sausage, cheese tortellini, cheddar cheese, tater tots and butter"

    Are you f*c*ing kidding me, people really eat this way? No wonder the south is the stroke and heart attack capital of America.

  4. To Brian, Chef Ramsey may look healthy but eating this way has probably taken a toll on his health. I worked in the NYC restaurant scene for over 20 years and many chefs, owners and food writers have or have had serious health problems like cancer, strokes, diabetes, kidney stones and heart attacks because of eating the foods that are promoted in cookbooks like these. It is a BIG SECRET that a lot of these chefs and restaurateurs are sick because it affects their bottom line. Just this year 2 famous NY chefs died, one in his kitchen at work, from cancer, at fairly young ages. (Both were 61)Just because you’re trim doesn't mean your healthy! Maybe his diet is the reason he's so angry all the time!