14 December 2010

Squirrel in toilet prompts Oklahoma woman to call 911

When nature calls, you are normally not expecting to lift the toilet seat and find an animal of nature itself swimming inside the bowl. A shocked Oklahoma woman called the police, reporting a small creature she found inside her toilet. 9-1-1 operators say that it was one of the most bizarre calls they have ever received:

DISPATCHER: What's going on there ma'am?
CALLER: I have some kind of animal in the toilet in my bathroom.
DISPATCHER: Like, what's it look like?
CALLER: Well, it's gray. That's all I can tell you. I didn't look real good because it scared me to death. I'm sorry.
DISPATCHER: But it's not like one of your animals like a cat or something?
CALLER: No. My cat is in my office, behaving herself.
DISPATCHER: Okay ma'am. Well, I will get a police officer over there to see if they can help you figure out what's going on for you okay?

Identifying the animal as a squirrel, Officer Derek Kennedy proceeded to try to capture the creature in a dog kennel while his partner filmed the humorous chase with his cell phone.

"We wrangled up some snake tongs, a small dog kennel, and then we shut the door and the squirrel jumped out of the toilet. And after about five minutes of chasing him, and him chasing us, we finally caught him," said Kennedy.

While it is a puzzle as to how exactly the rodent got inside the toilet, police assume it may have crawled from a sewer drain.

The squirrel, although damp and cold from the toilet, was eventually let loose into a park across the street where it could roam free.

Julia is a student who has a passion for veganism, animal welfare, and religious studies.

Photo credits:cc:flickr.com/photos/maryhodder and flickr.com/photos/noiseburst