13 December 2010

Norway becomes first country to ban fur for 'Fashion Week' event

The city that hosts the Nobel Peace Prize every year is taking a step toward making it a more peaceful world for animals. There will be no fur on the catwalk at Oslo’s Fashion Week next February, making Norway the first country to enact such a ban for the event.

The ban was a response to a massive candlelight vigil protesting fur last November by The Norwegian animal rights group NOAH. The organization also collected signatures from more than 200 designers, models, photographers and other members of the Norwegian fashion industry who refuse to work with fur.

“It has been a very natural choice for us,” says Paul Vasbotten, general manager of the Oslo Fashion Week. “We are doing this in order to increase ethical values in fashion.”

One of Norway’s top designers Fam Ivoll, who has been a NOAH-member and active fur-opponent since the age of 14, is also a supporter of the ban.

Last November Norwegians were shocked when graphic images of caged, sick and injured animals held in fur farms were broadcast on local TV. Several political parties demanded that the fur farms be shut down. The current government has warned the fur farms they must improve conditions for the animals or face sanctions. The farms have six months to comply.

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