03 December 2010

New iProtein app delivers nutrition info to your phone

You can find an app for anything- shopping, dining out, even finding public restrooms in your city. But for vegetarians and vegans who want to make sure they're getting enough protein in their diet, start downloading iProtein.

Designed for bodybuilders and vegans concerned with their protein intake, iProtein users can look up different foods according to category- groupings include Fruits & Vegetables, Fast Food, Dairy & Eggs, Cereal Grains, and Snacks. For each food selection, the app will list the serving size, calorie content, protein content in grams, percentage of protein by weight, and the USDA Nutrient Database number.

The information is derived from the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference: Protein Content of Selected Foods per Common Measure. iProtein currently features over 1,100 different food servings and can also be searched according to how a food is prepared. (i.e. "canned spinach" versus "frozen spinach" or "granola with raisins") Food choices will also be rated by a color coding system, ranging from white (extremely low) to red (extremely high) according to the grams of protein in the item.

iProtein will also provide information pages on obtaining proteins on a vegan diet and the foods with the highest content. The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad.

Though most knowledgeable vegans and vegetarians have already done their nutrition homework and know how to get their daily protein intake, this will still be a helpful app when in the grocery store or when dining out. It's also a great tool for new vegetarians and vegans, and for anyone who's ever asked them, "So where do you get your protein from?"

For more info on iProtein, as well as its sister app, iCarb, visit hollender.com

Teresa Abbate| @TheFriendlyVeg
Born and raised in New York City, Teresa is a TV producer and the blogger behind TheFriendlyVeg.com, where she believes (like a good Italian girl) that the best way to an omnivore's heart is through their stomach. When not saving the day on set or rescuing potluck dinner parties, Teresa loves swimming, playing soccer, and traveling.

Photo credit: hollender.com