02 December 2010

PETA’s 'Super Tofu Boy' video game slaughters 'Super Meat Boy'

PETA could have simply crafted a statement about the tastelessness of the pro-meat message purported in Super Meat Boy--a video game featuring a meatball as the protagonist trying to save his cartoon girlfriend, Bandage Girl, from the requisite evil opponent, Dr. Fetus.

Instead, PETA creatively made its point with the development of Super Tofu Boy--not only a character, but an entire video game that viewers can enjoy with a clear conscience.

In this humane version, Super Tofu Boy charms Bandage Girl with his versatility and soy-strength. But Meat Boy--shockingly still active despite being a carrier of salmonella, E. coli, and mad cow disease--kidnaps Bandage Girl in a jealous, hormone-filled rage. To save her, Super Tofu Boy must navigate the Slaughter House, Golden Arches, and Bacon Factory, with the players’ direction.

Unleash your inner activist and help Super Tofu Boy slaughter the primitive Meat Boy once and for all.

Jaya Bhumitra | Facebook
Jaya has eight years of experience in public affairs and communications, and degrees in business and psychology. She is a Volunteer Outreach Coordinator with Compassion Over Killing in L.A. and an avid runner. Jaya is owned by four dogs (Trooper, Lacey, Midge, and Tin Tin) and a cat (Cupcake).

Photo credit: Screen capture Peta.org