11 November 2010

PETA names top 5 veg friendly football stadiums

When it comes to a sport played with a pigskin ball, it's hard to imagine finding vegetarian friendly options at the game. But for vegetarian and vegan football fans, fear not- PETA has just published a list of the top five most veg-friendly stadiums!

Making a touchdown are:

1- The Philadelphia Eagles' Lincoln Financial Field- Forget Philly cheese steaks; at Lincoln Financial Field, you can get mock meat sandwiches, a veggie dog, and veggie burgers from various grill stands in the stadium.

2- The Oakland Raiders' Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum- Raiders fans will find veggie burritos, veggie burgers, and in the premium seating areas, meat-free fajitas.

3- The Green Bay Packers' Lambeau Field- In the state known for its cheese as much as its football team, you'll still find hearty veggie bratwursts, veggie burgers, and baked potatoes at this stadium!

4- The Atlanta Falcons' Georgia Dome- Craving something more than your veggie burger or veggie dog? You can also find vegan chocolate chip cupcakes at the stadium- now that's what I call southern hospitality!

And in a tie for fifth place:

The Kansas City Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium- Load your plate with veggie burgers, lentil burgers, baked potatoes, and in premium areas, pasta with marinara sauce.

The Detroit Lions' Ford Field- In addition to standards like veggie burgers and fruit cups, you can sink your teeth into a Mu Shu Tofu wrap and, if you're sitting in the premium sections, a grilled vegetable pasta salad with zucchini, red onion, and red peppers.

Kudos to these stadiums for recognizing that while all fans love their team, they certainly all don't love meat!

Teresa Abbate| @TheFriendlyVeg
Born and raised in New York City, Teresa is a TV producer and the blogger behind TheFriendlyVeg.com, where she believes (like a good Italian girl) that the best way to an omnivore's heart is through their stomach. When not saving the day on set or rescuing potluck dinner parties, Teresa loves swimming, playing soccer, and traveling.

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/seng1011