29 October 2010

Grateful Dead Drummer shows his support for California Prop 21

When you think of the name Mickey Hart, what first comes to mind? Rock and roll legend? Grateful Dead drummer?

What about environmentalist?

The musician and native Californian has set out to get his fans and fellow "Golden State" residents to help their state parks.

“California’s state parks are the very soul of our state but are on the brink of disaster. State parks are our heritage and incredibly important to protect and safe-keep for future generations.” says Hart.

He has released an online video endorsing Prop 21 which will appear on ballots November 2nd.

Hart has joined an already thriving movement supporting Prop 21 which includes his environmentalist consultant wife, Caryl Hart

The passing of Prop 21 will issue an $18 surcharge to California vehicles that will provide the owners with free, year round access to state parks. The money will go into a Trust Fund that will be used solely for park renovations, care, and wildlife conservation.

The newest Prop 21 campaign effort allowed Californians to create their own campaign videos to promote the measure and post them online.

Hart is asking fans and supporters to post his video or one of the many campaign videos created to their facebooks and get the word out even further before voting commences.

To view all of the videos, click here. And to view Hart’s video entitled, “This Is Your Brain on Parks” watch below.

Angela Goldberg
Angela is a recent graduate of Ithaca College where she studied writing and anthropology. You can also find Angela at Angela Rae Photography.

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/niallkennedy