22 October 2010

Former President Bill Clinton goes vegan to heal himself

Recent headlines about Bill Clinton have been making the rounds. From pro-vegan blogs to mainstream news. Mr. Clinton was inspired by his daughter Chelsea to lose weight before her wedding day. Chelsea being a vegan and living gluten free helped guide the route Mr. Clinton took.

Clinton said his veganism was sparked by his recent bypass surgery:

"I did all this research, and I saw that 82 percent of the people since 1986 who have gone on a plant-base, no dairy, no meat of any kind, no chicken, no turkey—I eat very little fish, once in a while I'll have a little fish—If you can do it, 82 percent of people have begun to heal themselves."

While having fish once in a while is more pescatarian than vegan, this is certainly a step in the right direction for the one time ruler of the free world that in the past would jog to McDonald's. The ex-president said he lost 24 lbs before escorting his daughter Chelsea down the aisle for her wedding. He also credited the "China Study," the book that examines the relationship between the consumption of animal products and illnesses written by T. Colin Campbell.

This lifestyle change is an inspiration for all people who need change in their lives. It does not matter how old or what shape you are in, taking the first step is the hardest. Each day after that is easier than the day before. Will the new Bill Clinton continue this lifestyle? Now that the wedding has passed he has to continue doing it for himself, so one day he can be there for his grandkids. Best of luck Mr. President.

John Himmelberger | @johnhimm
John lives in Maryland where he works as a sales manager. John and his wife Eileen’s pursuit to achieve optimum health combined with a desire to send a strong message to factory farming, inspired them to examine what they put into their bodies. Now a vegan, John has great admiration for groups like Farm Sanctuary and hopes to influence others by sharing his positive experiences. Follow John on his blog and Facebook.

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/deltona2003