14 October 2010

Volvo's hybrid buses now being trialled in South America

Taking the bus instead of the car is about to get even greener! Volvo hybrid buses, which are currently being sold all over Europe, including the city of London that took delivery of six double-deckers last year, are about to be trialled in Brazil and Mexico. Volvo claims that they now have orders for around 150 buses across Europe but are also receiving interest from other countries around the world.

Service field trials of Volvo's parallel hybrid technology have established a significant reduction in carbon dioxide (C02) and other pollutant emissions, compared with regular diesel buses. And with reduced fuel consumption being an added bonus, these buses are being recognized as an eco-friendly solution to current transport issues and a commercially viable one too.

The trials in South American are being carried out as part of a climate initiative aimed at creating more environmentally friendly transport systems with Brazil in particular looking to implement the scheme in time for hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

In the meantime, plans to switch to green buses will come as good news to city dwellers worldwide, as more hybrids mean less pollution and, because the diesel engine switches off when the bus stops, less noise too.

Rolanda Ware | @evolvecampaigns
Rolanda is one of the directors of EVOLVE! Campaigns, a UK based campaigning organization which focuses on vegan education. Follow Rolanda on EVOLVE! Campaigns and Facebook.

Photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/21611052@N02