07 October 2010

Pet insurance company claims black cats not unlucky

Good news for black cats!

Afraid of that black cat walking across your path? Worry no more. Based on pet insurance company Petplan’s review of claims, black cats are 15% less likely to be injured or in accidents. Bad news for orange cats: they are twice as a likely as a black cat to be involved in an accident.

The 'unlucky' reputation of the black cat impacts on their adoption rate, according to the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science. Black cats are often the last to be adopted in shelters. This time of year, however, some shelters may require that you wait until after Halloween to adopt a black cat or face a tougher screening process.

"Regardless of the color of your pet, this Halloween keep all furry friends away from lit jack-o-lanterns, decorations, and candy," advises veterinarian Dr. Jules Benson, Petplan's Vice President of Veterinary Services.

JL | @JLgoesvegan
Post-40 JL became a marathoner and triathlete, changed careers and transitioned from vegetarian to vegan. She now blogs about vegan cooking (and wine!) and fitness. Follow JL on her blog and Facebook.

Photo credit: PR Newswire