16 September 2010

True Blood Star Michelle Forbes joins Cesar Millan for ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ campaign event

What does an actress who played a maenad—yeah I had to look it up too—on a hit HBO series have in common with the “Dog Whisperer?” Well apparently they share the same view on the cruel and nearly unlivable conditions that are all too common in puppy mills.

Michelle Forbes and Cesar Millan will join forces with animal rights non-profit Last Chance for Animals (LCA) for the organization’s “Adopt, Don’t Shop” campaign’s “Puppy Mill Awareness Day” on September 18 from 11 AM to 3 PM at the La Brea Tar Pits on Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles.

The goal of the event is to raise public awareness of the brutality that takes place in puppy mills while also showing the benefits of adopting a four legged companion from an animal shelter in lieu of pro-puppy mill pet stores.

"It is important that the cruelty in puppy mills be brought to the attention of the masses and be stopped," Cesar Millan said. "It is our goal to discourage pet store and internet sales of puppies and kittens and to encourage adoption from rescue organizations and animal shelters instead. Adopt, don't shop.”

"People need to realize where that 'puppy in the window' came from," said LCA founder Chris DeRose. "Puppy and kitten mills breed and sell millions of puppies and kittens for profit, while 4 million homeless dogs and cats are killed in U.S. shelters every year due to overpopulation.”

Mad TV’s Debra Wilson, Los Angeles Postmaster Mark Anderson, L.A. Council Member Tom LaBonge, West Hollywood City Council Member Jeffrey Prang, and L.A. Animal Services General Manager Brenda Barnette will also attend the LCA sponsored event.

For more information visit banpuppymills.com.

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Eric Fortney | @elfortney
Eric is the co-founder & executive editor of This Dish Is Veg. In addition to his TDIV work, Eric is a father of three, runner, and lover of the outdoors.

Photo credit: flickr.com/photos/pizzagirl