16 September 2010

Tetley Tea's new global graphics design to hit U.S. shelves this month

Tetley Tea has created a new look to rejuvenate and unite their brand on a global level. The modernized graphics were designed to arouse the warm feelings and stirring actions associated with tea drinking, to further attract consumers in to the Tetley brand to the point of purchase.

The Tetley Tea packaging roll out begins with Australia and the U.K., and hits U.S. this month. Although Tetley’s updated look has made an impact in clarifying a global message, along with support of social media campaigns, to rethink Tetley and to rethink tea.

The major draw for me, as not only a vegan consumer but one who also supports sustainable initiatives to lessen our impact on the Earth, was the back-story of how Tetley has long-standing participation in fair trade best practices in-action exhibited by their relationship with the Ethical Tea Partnership, an organization that monitors living and working conditions on all tea estates (which is no small undertaking).

I was also impressed with Tetley’s vocal support of the upcoming Rainforest Alliance certification program with a launch slated for 2016. Tetley living their corporate values consistently is a great example of a commoditized product company thinking beyond their transactional relationship and caring for future generations. I would have like to hear about how their tea is processed in a different manner or how health benefits could be incorporated in their message but their efforts in sustainability did not disappoint.

Jill Paschal | @VegCookin
Jill is the owner of the online vegan bookstore VegCookin. She is a continuing student majoring in Business Management and loves to travel world cultures via cuisine.

Photo credit: PRNewsFoto/Tetley Tea