13 August 2010

Seven ridiculous restaurant logos that feature happy animals selling meat

It’s nearly a guarantee that you have seen them, you frankly can’t miss them. Take a drive down any highway or byway and eventually you will see a sign featuring an animated pig, chicken or lobster sporting a sh&^ eating grin while attempting to whet your appetite with a plate of fried, barbequed or fricasseed flesh at the local—or national—greasy spoon.

Apparently animals that are about to be eaten enjoy marketing the slaughtered remains of their brethren for consumption by famished, weary travelers.

In all honesty it’s a real head scratcher. Considering that most people want to pretend that meat comes from a magical faraway land with little elves that somehow conjure edible portions of animals without hurting them.

Well the signs below definitely pierce through that veil of ignorance.

Smokin' Stokes

Pollo Campero

Papa J's and the Lobster Bar

Mack's Chicken Shack

Cluck U Chicken

Chicken Delight

Big D's Barbeque

Leave a comment and tell us which logo is the worst of the worst. Know of a ridiculous logo that just has to be added to the list? Send it over!

Photo Credit: All logos courtesy of respective restaurant with the exception of Papa J's : cc: flickr.com/photos/el_ramon


  1. Why would an animal be serving it's own kind for humans to eat!? Would a human serve a plateful of human to a lion? I don't think so.

  2. That is just wrong....

  3. I have talked about this for years. Why use animals to sell hamburgers and fried chicken? Even though I do eat meat I still fid it peculiar.

  4. Wow I'm torn between which one is the worst. Originally I was going to say the pig on the coals but I think the two where the chickens are serving chicken may top that!

  5. The pig on the coals, hands down.

  6. Seriously though, what kind of sick f*ck thinks up these logos?

  7. Come on people it's just marketing! You veg types are such sticks in the mud!Go eat a salad and just let us meat eaters live our lives to the fullest! You eat your boring disgusting tasteless plants while we eat delicious animals!

  8. More like, Chicken delight doin' it WRONG since '52

  9. Let me add, my choice for sickest is the Pollo Campero.

  10. I work in advertising. If we ever had to work for one of these jokers I'd quit on the spot.

  11. I drive by that Bid D's joint on a daily basis,it wins in my humble opinion.

  12. I think they are funny.

  13. You might want to check us out:


  14. As if the piggies would be dancing - I actually hadn't thought about the irony of these ads until now.