17 August 2010

Edgar’s Mission to launch ‘Be Kind to Animals Week’ in October

Edgar’s Mission, an Australian non-profit farm sanctuary for neglected and abused animals, has launched a new campaign dubbed Be Kind to Animals Week which runs October 1-7. The event is modeled, with permission, after American Humane’s program with the same name and is designed to honor animals while educating and encouraging kindness to all creatures of this world—including humans.

People are urged to get involved in a number of ways including speaking up for animals, reporting abuse, spreading the word, volunteering at animal shelters, visiting a nursing home with a pet, and practicing conscious consumerism.

In addition to Be Kind to Animals Week, Edgar’s Mission is celebrating World Animal Day on October 3 and invites supporters to join them for a free day of family fun, farm tours, games, and a delicious vegan barbecue. Guest speakers at the event include vegan journalist and writer Marieke Hardy and vegan body builder, Billy Simmonds.

For more information regarding these two events visit bekindtoanimalsweek.org or edgarsmission.org.au.

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Photo Credit: Edgar's Mission