31 August 2010

Amy’s Veggie Burgers added to Denny’s menu, yes they are vegan

Twenty-four hour breakfast diner Denny’s—yes that Denny’s—has added a healthy and more humane alternative to the all American cow flesh burger to its menu. Amy’s Kitchen Veggie Burgers are now available nationwide at the company’s 1500, or so, locations.

"Denny's is excited to partner with Amy's to offer a delicious, better-for-you veggie burger in over 1,500 restaurants any time of the day," says Minh Huynh, Denny's Product Marketing Manager. "We value our strategic partnerships to give consumers what they want and expect from Denny's: value and choice, in a welcoming environment."

Why exactly did Denny’s choose Amy’s over those other veggie burger brands?

Denny's chose Amy's because it's a great-tasting, high quality product attached to a strong brand, and, unlike the restaurant chain's prior veggie burger, it satisfies vegan requirements.

First the Eagles reunited and toured, then the Boston Red Sox won a World Series, follow that up with the Cleveland Browns impressive Super Bowl victory—okay that didn’t happen, yet—but none compare to actually seeing national restaurant chains using the term “vegan.” Right about now Satan himself must be ice skating throughout the underworld like some red suit wearing, two horned Scott Hamilton.

It’s such positive news I won’t even mention that Denny’s has to spoil the vegan descriptor by tossing on “melted Pepper Jack cheese,”—I couldn’t help myself— but they do claim “customers can order an Amy’s veggie burger prepared any way they like.”

First they mix in cage-free eggs now a vegan burger. Great job, now let’s get to work on the rest of that grease filled menu.

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Photo Credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/delscorchosauce