06 July 2010

‘Off The Bone’ lunch meat reminds us why we are vegan

Some people say the Lord works in mysterious ways and this past weekend offered up a prime example of this theory in action.

While watching The Weather Channel’s continuing coverage of the Eastern United States impending heat-pocalypse, a strange horrible little commercial caught my eye, an ad admittedly I have seen many times but really never paid attention to. It featured a silly looking man making multiple appearances in a doorway looking for sustenance, in the form of John Morrell’s “Off the Bone” lunch meat. That’s right “Off the Bone.”

According to the maker of this lovely sounding product, John Morrell, “If it’s not Off the Bone, it’s just not a sandwich!” Yes nothing whets the appetite quite like the mental picture of muscle being sliced off of a carcass’s bones. Mmmmm Mmmmm.

After viewing this commercial I practically ran to my faux sausage sandwich, thanking the heavens above that the delicious lunch I was about to enjoy had never touched a bone. So thank you John Morrell for reminding me once again why I am a vegan.

Photo Credit: johnmorrell.com