30 June 2010

This Dish Is Veg offers healthy lifestyle phone consultations

This Dish Is Veg is offering 1 hour phone consultations, dubbed YOUR Dish Is Veg, to help you meet your healthy lifestyle goals.

Our consults are perfect for:
  • Anyone looking to transition to a Flexitarian or Vegetarian diet.
  • Vegetarians looking to adopt to a Vegan diet.
  • Vegetarians and Vegans looking for support, encouragement, meal ideas.
Flexible times and days are available.

Price: For a limited time we are offering the consults for $50 which includes a 1 hour consultation with This Dish Is Veg co-founder Daelyn Fortney and follow-up emails.

Email sessions are also available for those who prefer online communication. (Please email for pricing.)

To set up an appointment, please email consult@thisdishisveg.com explaining your goals along with day and time availability. Feel free to contact us with any questions about the sessions or to inquire about in-person consultation solutions within NE Ohio.

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Photo Credit: This Dish Is Veg