27 May 2010

PETA releases footage revealing cruelty at PETCO and PetSmart supplier

PETA has released video footage from an undercover investigation earlier this year at Sun Pet Ltd., a wholesale animal dealer that supplies PETCO and PetSmart retail stores.

As shown in the graphic video, “One worker put live hamsters into a bag and then bashed the bag against a table in an attempt to kill them—one of the animals was seen suffering and panting heavily minutes later.” In addition to being forced to live in filthy conditions, animals at the supplier were gassed, poisoned, mishandled, and thrown against the wall.

After viewing the video, PETA asks for help in urging Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard Jr.—who has instructed his office to halt the investigation into Sun Pet Ltd.— to pursue animal cruelty charges against those involved in the abuse.

Watch the [warning: graphic] video:

Another PETCO and PetSmart Supplier Caught
on Video Mistreating Animals. Find out more at PETA.org.

Once you know, you can't unknow.
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Photo Credit: PETA