01 April 2010

Google UK introduces ‘Translate for Animals’ Android app

Google UK is “bridging the gap between animals and humans” with a new Android app that recognizes and transcribes sounds from various species into words humans can recognize.

Android users can download “Translate for Animals” from the Android Market. Once installed, a drop down list will appear allowing the selection of cat, dog, bird, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, tortoise, horse, chicken, sheep, donkey, or pig. Wait for the animal to “speak” and the noises will be compared to Google’s Animal Linguistic Database. Within seconds you will know exactly what’s on your furry, feathered, or shelled companion’s mind.

While Google is an undisputed leader in technology and an animal-friendly company, unfortunately it is April 1—meaning Fooled You! However, TDIV believes this Google April Fool’s Day joke is one of the best ever and we hope that someday "Translate for Animals" comes to fruition.

Watch the "Introducing Google Translate for Animals" video:

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Photo Credit: google.co.uk