29 March 2010

Hayden Panettiere returns to village featured in Oscar-winning ‘The Cove’

Hayden Panettiere, star of NBC’s Heroes and spokesperson for the Save the Whales Again! Campaign, returned to the Village of Taiji this weekend with hopes of opening communication between activists and the Japanese people.

Taiji is home to the infamous waters which host an annual dolphin slaughter—the bloodshed which was featured in the Oscar-winning documentary “The Cove” as was Panettiere’s attempt in 2007 to peacefully demonstrate in the blood-filled inlet.

Three years later, back in Japan, the actress intends to draw attention to the dolphin hunts and help the people of the coastal villages understand that dolphin meat is unsafe for human consumption due to its high levels of mercury.

Save the Whales Again! is a campaign of The Whaleman Foundation. The Whaleman Foundation is an oceanic research, conservation and production organization dedicated to preserving and protecting dolphins, whales, and their ocean habitat.

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Photo Credit: Save the Whales Again!