27 March 2010

Auckland’s Sky Tower signals beginning and end of Earth Hour 2010

Auckland’s Sky Tower, New Zealand’s highest human-made structure, signaled the beginning and end of the 2010 Earth Hour with a dazzling blue and green LED light display.

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark, now heading the United Nations Development Program, said, "In 2008 I launched WWF-New Zealand's first ever Earth Hour in Christchurch. Its message was simple but powerful: that our individual actions may be small, but together we can make a difference. Since then I've seen the Earth Hour message grow as increasing numbers of people - in New Zealand and around the world - recognize the importance of personal action in the movement to stop dangerous climate change.”

Noted NZ film director and comedian Taika Waitiki said, "If we can make a huge change with just one finger flicking a switch imagine what we could do with two fingers...a hand... an arm and a leg....four legs....sixteen arms, three heads and a long tail with a huge spiked ball on the end... just imagine what we could do with a creature like that".

Nearly 50 cities and towns in New Zealand participated in this year’s Earth Hour.

Auckland skyline, before and after lights off:

The lit-up skyline of Auckland, New Zealand, cbd before Earth Hour 2010.
Credit: © WWF / Chris Gorman

The unlit skyline of Auckland, New Zealand, cbd during earth hour 2010.
Credit: © WWF / Chris Gorman

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Photo Credit: WWF