09 March 2010

CNN takes viewers on a journey inside Chinese dog and cat meat markets

This morning CNN took viewers on a journey inside the cat and dog meat market in China. The story coincides with the Chinese government’s debate over whether eating cats and dogs should be illegal.

Reporter Emily Chang shows us crowded cages full of cats and dogs at a Southern Chinese wholesale meat market before stopping in at a local restaurant which serves dog steak, dog soup, and dog and tofu – all very popular items in the region where eating cats and dogs is common practice. After stepping into the kitchen to watch the chef chop up dog meat “which looks a lot like pork” Chang remarks, “It’s a little difficult to watch.”

While it is understandable that Chang and the viewers watching the segment would be revolted at the thought of eating Fido or Fluffy, it is imperative that we point out the obvious. By definition meat is the flesh of any animal used for food. In Western culture, we are sickened when we see people eating the animals who we have deemed as our furry companions. But it must be noted that those practicing the Hindu faith see cow as the symbol of life, therefore one could argue that those who kill and eat that sacred animal are the barbarians.

Many proponents of a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle would say, if you can eat pig, cow, or chicken you should be able to eat dog or cat. Just because we call one our friend doesn’t change the fact that meat is flesh – and that flesh was once a living creature.

Watch the segment:

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Photo Credit: video screen capture