08 March 2010

Animal Aid launches Meat-Free Monday film with music by Moby

Animal Aid, UK's largest animal rights group, recently released a new video called Meat-Free Monday: The Movie. The 1 minute 50 second short shows “what a difference a day makes” and features music donated by musician and vegan advocate, Moby.

Animal Aid doesn’t try to conceal the fact that we would like people to give up eating meat altogether,” says Animal Aid Campaigns Officer, Kelly Slade. “But stopping for one day a week is a great start, and this simple action really will make a difference to the planet, and, of course, to the millions of farmed animals killed for their flesh each day in the UK alone. Reducing the amount of animal products in our diets will also help to boost our health. If enough people took this simple step the message would be received loud and clear by the leaders attending the next United Nations Climate Change Conference in Mexico City in December."

The optimistic and artistic video encourages viewers to give up meat for just one day per week and demonstrates the impact that action would have on the world.

Watch the video:

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Photo Credit: video screen capture