18 February 2010

Humane Society applauds Harris Teeter for animal welfare policies

(photo credit: cc: flickr.com/photos/jsmjr)

The Humane Society will be speaking at the annual shareholder meeting of Ruddick Corporation, owner of Harris Teeter, to address the company’s advanced animal welfare policies.

"The Humane Society of the United States applauds Harris Teeter for its continued work improving conditions for animals in its supply chain," stated Matthew Prescott, corporate outreach director for The HSUS's factory farming campaign. "Harris Teeter has raised the bar for the food retail industry when it comes to animal welfare."

Harris Teeter has committed to sell nearly four times the amount of cage-free eggs when compared to the grocery industry’s national average. Additionally the supermarket chain will increase the amount of poultry from suppliers who use a more humane way of slaughter and will phase in pork from producers who do not use gestational crates.

"Harris Teeter believes that part of being a good corporate citizen means helping to improve conditions for farm animals," said Fred Morganthall, Harris Teeter president. It's important to us, to our customers and to animals."

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