08 February 2010

Denny’s Super Bowl ads promote free cholesterol ladened Grand Slam Breakfast

(photo credit: video screen capture)

Denny’s utilized the enormous Super Bowl viewing audience to promote the restaurant chain’s second year offering a free Grand Slam Breakfast to consumers, an offer that won’t lighten your wallet but will definitely burden your body.

The ads feature egg laying chickens who become overwhelmed when they discover Denny’s will be giving away the company’s signature breakfast dish. The belt busting Grand Slam includes: 2 pancakes, 2 sausage links, 2 strips of bacon and the source of the nerve wracked chickens’ anxiety, 2 fried eggs.

Needless to say, “free” is used loosely when describing this giveaway as the Grand Slam is anything but a home run when it comes to nutrition.

Considering that animal products are involved in every individual item, it’s not surprising that the Grand Slam contains a whopping 50g of fat (daily recommended 65, which in itself is ridiculous) and a heart stopping 460mg of cholesterol (300 mg/day recommended).

A suggestion, stay home and eat some cereal with a banana, before your cardiovascular system knocks you out of the ballpark.

Watch the commercial:

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