15 January 2010

MFA asks 'Why love one but eat the other'

(photo credit: mfablog.org)

Mercy For Animals (MFA) has launched a month-long pro-vegetarian bus ad campaign in Boston.

The ads feature cute baby animals and read, "Why love one but eat the other? Choose Compassion. Choose Vegetarian. Pigs, cows, and chickens experience pain, suffering, frustration, pleasure, and joy just like our beloved dogs and cats. Yet, to produce burgers, nuggets, omelets, and hot dogs, billions of farm animals are subjected to extreme confinement, painful mutilations, violent handling, and merciless slaughter. Please widen your circle of compassion to include all animals by leaving meat off your plate."

MFA estimates that the campaign will draw over 25 million views while running on 70 bus exteriors and 300 bus interiors in Beantown.

Mercy For Animals is a non-profit animal advocacy organization headquartered in Chicago with offices in New York City, Asheville, and Columbus. Last year the group released a shocking hidden camera video exposing a hidden horror that occurs every day at the nation’s largest egg producing facility. The MFA accepts charitable contributions to help with the cost of pro-vegetarian ad campaigns.

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