27 December 2009

Vegetarian Carrie Underwood credits healthy eating for energy and glowing skin

Recently engaged Carrie Underwood is SELF magazine’s January 2010 covergirl. In the issue the longtime vegetarian and animal lover, divulges her healthy eating and exercise habits.

Underwood credits her vegetarian diet for giving her energy when she performs but she also acknowledges that eating a meat-free diet does not guarantee a fit body. "Think of all the pasta you can eat, the pizza. You can do nachos and all sorts of cheesy things."

The country crooner found a way to have her cheese and eat it too with a 250 calories personal pizza consisting of 1 Flatout wrap, ¼ cup of sauce, ½ cup fat free or 2% cheese, and topped with vegetables.

In addition to healthy eating, Underwood keeps a food diary which allows her to monitor her calorie intake. For three years she has logged and analyzed her food consumption. “Once you realize, it's like, 'No wonder I've plateaued! No wonder I've been gaining weight!'" she told the magazine. "Little things really do add up."

Underwood also shares her three motivational workout tips including making exercise accessible, working toward an event, and reveling in success. "I love it when I feel good about myself. I'll look at a photo and think, My arms look great!--and then I go work out my arms. Once you're enjoying things about your body, you realize how much you want to keep them that way or make them better."

The 26-year-old credits her beautiful skin and healthy glow to giving up sweets and soda and eating healthy. "My sugar intake is way down, and I have a lot fewer breakouts. Now when I drink tea, it's unsweetened. Or I'll have water. Also, I'm off soda. For so long, I'd have a Diet Coke with breakfast!"

The country star added, "People have asked me, 'What are you doing differently?' I tell them that I'm honestly just eating healthier. If you eat a bunch of grease and stuff like that, it's got to go somewhere. It can show in your skin."

Underwood grew up on a farm in Oklahoma and her love of animals resulted in the decision to stop eating meat at age 13. "Ever since I was little I loved animals," the singer said. "They depend on people to take care of them. If you told me I could never sing again, I'd say that was horrible, but it's not my life. If you told me I could never be around animals again, I would just die."

Recently Underwood presented The Humane Society of the United States with a check for $200,000. The check reflected the proceeds from sales of the American Idol champ’s recording of Home Sweet Home.

On December 21 Underwood announced her engagement to hockey player Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators.