19 January 2015

Vegetarian sisters top music chart with 'Hanging Tree' cover

Pink Strings and Hot Sauce topped the 1/9 Music Audio Chart with their stripped back cover of "Hanging Tree" from blockbuster movie, The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1. 

Talented sisters Catherine and Bo Fortney teamed up to create the musical duo Pink Strings and Hot Sauce to deliver a series of sweet and melodic covers and original tracks. Inspired by the likes of Taylor Swift, The Civil Wars and Christina Perri, the sisters also acknowledge all the help and support that they receive from their family, telling BEAT100, "We grew up around music, which was (and still is) frequently playing in our household. Our parents always allow us to pursue our dreams...We were supported with love from our family, which is why we have come so far."

After teaching themselves to play guitar, the duo earned their street performer permits and took to performing for the public in their home town of Greenville, South Carolina. Their melodic cover of "Hanging Tree," performed with their sister Julia, placed them at the top of the charts after gaining over 1700 plays from the BEAT100 community. 

Pink Strings and Hot Sauce are currently working on expanding their musical reach while working on multiple songs and videos, including the release of their newest original track "Blown Away." Speaking of their future musical careers, they tell BEAT100, "In the future, we hope to be the music playing in many people’s households and earphones -- ready to create memories and inspire dreams."

Editor's note:  Catherine and Bo Fortney have been vegetarian since 2005.

Photo credit: PinkStrings & HotSauce