26 January 2015

Photographers for Animals announces #BunnyWeek

Photo by Jason Putsche Photography
While much of the nation’s attention today is focused on #Bombogenesis and Blizzard conditions battering the mid-Atlantic states and New England, snow bunnies of a different kind are creating their own buzz online for Photographers for Animals’ #BunnyWeek.

Husband and wife photographers Elizabeth and Jason Putsche captured the series of adorable photographs of a mother rabbit with her two 6-week-old bunnies that are in a foster home for the Fairfax County Animal Shelter in Virginia.

The photos are being showcased on the organization’s Twitter and Instagram pages during #BunnyWeek, January 26th – 30th, 2015.

“We wanted to not only help these little ones get adopted into loving homes, but to raise awareness about these wonderful animals that make great family pets,” said Elizabeth Putsche, Executive Director of Photographers for Animals. In addition to showcasing adorable images, information about adopting rabbits and the care of these sociable pets will be provided on social media.

The Putsches founded Photographers for Animals in May 2014. The nonprofit advocates on behalf of animals via photography and videography projects. Another project of Photographers for Animals is the creation of a directory of animal photographers and videographers that will provide their services for free, or at a discount, to nonprofit organizations.

“One photo can capture their heart of a possible adopter and help an animal find it’s forever home,” said Putsche. “We hope #BunnyWeek not only helps the bunnies showcased in our photos, but helps rabbits in shelters and rescues around the country find wonderful new homes.”

About Photographers for Animals
Photographers for Animals is a 501c3 nonprofit organization which uses film and photography to inspire positive change for animals. Founded in 2014 by life-long animal advocate, Elizabeth Putsche, the organization produces documentaries, online videos, and photographs independently and in conjunction with other animal protection organizations to raise awareness of animal issues. Its website is