19 January 2015

Infographic: Survey reveals Americans support community cats

National animal welfare organization Best Friends Animal Society recently commissioned a Luntz Global survey designed to gauge the public’s attitude toward community cats. Best Friends, other animal welfare organizations and concerned individuals use the term “community cats” to describe these populations of felines who live in urban, suburban and rural settings alongside people but that are not companion animals. Rather than belonging to no one, these cats are part of the community and have relationships with a variety of people.

The results of the survey demonstrate that people’s support for humanely trapping, neutering and returning (TNR) cats to their outdoor homes is favored by a ratio of nearly 3 to 1… as opposed to lethal injection. (Through TNR, cats are humanely trapped and taken to a veterinarian who spays/neuters them, tips one ear as a visual signal that this cat has been sterilized and then the animals returned to their original location. In most communities a cadre of volunteers are an integral part of the process).  This heartening trend underscores the truth that Americans’ love of animals does not end with their personal pets, it extends to these “community cats.”