12 November 2014

BOOK REVIEW: The Last Mile by Blair Richmond

The Last Mile
 by Blair Richmond
Ashland Creek Press

The final installment of The Lithia Trilogy is finally here. And it was well the worth the wait. By now Richmond’s fictional town of Lithia is as well known and well loved to me, as is Rowling’s Hogwarts. It is a place of great mystery and mystique. Where the living and the dead walk amongst each other still searching for answers to the questions that Richmond so deftly illustrates, if plague us in life, will surely plague us in death.

Richmond seamlessly blends together stories of love and betrayal with deeply resonating underlying themes such as veganism, the environment and Shakespeare. “The Last Mile” is the perfect culmination to the trilogy. Unearthing the lengths we must go to live in harmony with all of nature, and to save not only those we love, but ourselves in the process.

Humbly Reviewed by Erica Settino