18 September 2014

Cool Product: Vegan and vegetarian answer cards available

As vegans or vegetarians, we all get those questions and comments—you know what I'm talking about. "Do you eat fish?" "Are you still a vegan?" "Where do you get your protein?" "Don't you miss meat?" "I could never stop eating meat!"

And one question leads to another and another. At This Dish Is Veg, we thought we would make your life easier by creating some informative (okay maybe sarcastic and humorous come to mind as well) answer cards. Now, rather than engaging in a long conversation, you can simply hand the curious individuals one card that answers all their possible questions.

Each of the card designs has a spot on the back that can be customized with your name, website and social media links. Or you can leave the space blank so you can write a personalized note. 

Click on the image to get more information about the product or visit the Zazzle storefront.

Current line of answer cards:

Mousepads also available: