22 January 2014

Where to Eat Vegan: Cafe Verde - Richmond, VA

By now everyone should know about RVA Vegan. Hell, even PETA knows about Ed's legendary cupcakes. But does everyone know about Cafe Verde - Ed's newest brainchild?

I spent a day with Ed touring the Capitol building, walking around the murals by the river walk and ended the day with some tacos and cupcakes at Cafe Verde. Cafe Verde sits in Shockoe Bottom across from the giant Never 2501 mural. My first thought on entering the cafe was - wait it's not neon pink?! A la the name, Ed chose to go neon green for his cafe with cheerful accents of pink.

For dinner I tried one of each taco: Beef, Fish, BBQ, Oyster, Mushroom and Carnitas. I skipped the Potato much to the contrary of one of the employees advice just so I would be assured to not run out of stomach room for the 6 tacos I was already committed to eating. This was my very first experience eating jackfruit and I have to say the hype is well deserved. At $3 a pop or 4 tacos for $10 you can easily sample the menu.

My only regrets - not having a big enough stomach to try the Po Boy Sandwich. My only complaint - no guacamole.

But the special thing about local restaurants is that you can tell them "Hey! I want guacamole!" And you'll get it.

Cafe Verde has added Guacamole Nachos as a special! Buy them up and insist on guacamole always!

Since my visit to Cafe Verde I have seen nachos, pupusas, tamales, breakfast scramble tacos and gluten free whoopie pies pop up on the Cafe Verde Facebook page. In other words, I have a lot more to try in my future.

1810 E Main Street
Thursday 5pm to 12am
Friday and Saturday 5pm to 2:30 am
Sunday 12pm to 8pm

Ed touristing me around his cool city.

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