25 October 2013

Recipe: Sea Salt Caramel Dip

I have never been so excited to share a recipe. Photographing it became a battle between right and wrong. It took everything I had to not gobble down the entire plate of goodness. I absolutely love caramel apple dip.
The minute I see a leaf change color and feel a slight chill in the air I begin to crave caramel apples like I crave the sunshine. I have not had a caramel apple, dipped or otherwise in over three years, since becoming vegan. Suffer no longer lovers of cruelty- free caramel.

Sea Salt Caramel Dip
by: S. Duquet

Makes approx. 1 C of caramel dip

  • 10 whole dates, approx 1 C. Use the ones with pits still in (already pitted dates are not as big and juicy as the ones with the pits)
  • Enough water to cover the dates for soaking.
  • Reserve 1/3 C of the water you soak the dates in.
  • 1/4 + 1/8 tsp sea salt
  • 1/4 tsp pure vanilla extract (omit the vanilla if you would like dip to remain raw)

Make it Happen
  • Remove pits from your dates and rough chop. Cover with water and soak in fridge for four or more hours
  • Put soaked dates, salt and 2 Tbsp of the soak water into your food processor or blender. Pulse until mixture becomes the consistency and creamy color of caramel, adding more of the soak water 2 Tbsp at a time as needed. You will need to scrape the mixture down the sides of the blender with a spatula several times as you are doing this. It looks at first like it may never become creamy but be patient. The lumps will disappear and it will become as creamy as caramel.
  • Serve immediately with sliced apples and chopped pecans for dipping.

Other ideas for the dip: It will be a divine topping to slather on muffins, ice cream, grilled peaches or just enjoying a spoon. If there is any left over, store in an airtight container in the fridge.

This dip is inexpensive, easy to make and defies all logic when it comes to buttery caramel. It is the perfect choice for a snack that will love you back. I have craved it every single day since I made it. Talk about a crafty way to get people to eat their apples. I have wanted to eat three or four a day for the past three days.

Have a delicious, caramel apple filled day.

Sherry Duquet | Facebook
Sherry is on a mission to inspire others to join in her journey to change the world, one meal at a time. As a long time vegetarian and vegan newbie, Sherry launched a compassionate living blog Exploits of a Vegan Wannabe where she welcomes meat-a-tarians, vegans and anyone interested in creating change with their choices and voices.

Photo credit: Sherry Duquet