17 October 2013

Product Review: Kaeng Raeng 3-Day Raw Cleanse

I am always hearing about the positive effects of doing a cleanse, and for this reason, I have always wanted to give it a try. When I was asked to review the Kaeng Raeng three-day raw vegan cleanse, I was ecstatic. I had been hearing such amazing things about this cleanse and I couldn't wait to try it out for myself. Thankfully, I was not disappointed. It was the perfect first cleanse for me!

When you order your Kaeng Raeng cleanse, you are given the option to choose from a three-day or six-day cleanse. Three days are recommended for beginners, and I would also recommend trying out three days at first and going for six days next time. My biggest problem was that I tend to snack on things when I'm bored, so six days would have been too much to handle at once. However, the meal replacement smoothies were absolutely delicious, easy to make, and I didn't experience any hunger at all. Plus, you are able to snack on raw fruits and veggies, and even raw nuts in between smoothies. This definitely helped me during the work day when I would normally grab an afternoon snack.

Kaeng Raeng offers three flavors to pick from. Enjoy "Into The Blue" for a blueberry and banana flavor, "Joyful" for strawberry, raspberry and pineapple, and "Daybreak" for mango, peach and pineapple. All three are absolutely delicious are consist of real fruit! You can choose your flavors in whichever order you wish, but I chose to switch it up and have "Joyful" for breakfast, "Into The Blue" for lunch, and "Daybreak" for dinner each day.

Kaeng Raeng also provides delicious recipes for you to try. The smoothies are so easy to make, and I usually blended mine with almond milk, frozen bananas, and frozen strawberries or blueberries. They were absolutely amazing where I was actually craving my next smoothie. The only problem I faced was that I could hardly finish each smoothie because the portions were so large and filling!

I would highly recommend the Kaeng Raeng cleanse to anyone who is interested in trying a cleanse and feeling great. I felt revived while I was on the cleanse and I did not experience any negative effects at all. Even several weeks after I finished the cleanse, I am still not craving a lot of the junk that I was craving before! I would definitely do this cleanse again in the future.

Each serving of Kaeng Raeng contains 1 oz of raw, freeze-dried fruit powder, 19 grams of lean non-GMO soy protein and daily vitamins (including B-12), 2 billion CFUs of vegan L. Acidophilus probiotics to bolster the immune system and improve digestion, a full serving of vegetable fiber, and is 100% raw, vegan, and caffeine and preservative free. 

To purchase your Kaeng Raeng cleanse, visit the Kaeng Raeng website. The three-day cleanse goes for $69.99 and the six-day cleanse goes for $119.99. If you wish to do a trial run first, consider purchasing trial packets for $7 each. Each packet makes up to 32 fl oz of juice, which is actually enough for two full meals. I could hardly finish my smoothies in just one sitting. However, it is recommended that you have three meal-replacement smoothies per day to make sure you are getting the recommended nutrients and benefits from you cleanse.

I highly recommend this cleanse, and not just for vegans, but for anyone who is looking to feel better, eat healthier, and kick start weight loss!

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Photo credit: Kaeng Raeng