21 July 2013

Product Review: New Vegan Maple Bacon and Sweet & Salty chips from Kettle Brand

You've probably snacked on delicious kettle chips from Kettle Brand, but they are nothing like their two new flavors- the new vegan Maple Bacon and Sweet & Salty flavors! These chips add the perfect combination of salty and sweet but without the added fats and sugars. 

These two new flavors are absolutely delicious but don't leave you with that heavy, greasy-feeling that regular potato chips do.  These are the kind of chips that get non-vegans to ask, "These are really vegan?" They're that good.

Completely vegan and GMO-free, these goodies in a bag are made with all-natural ingredients and are cooked in pure, all-natural oils that give these chips the perfect amount of crunch. 

I absolutely loved both the Maple Bacon and Sweet & Salty kettle chips, and for a little something extra, the Sweet & Salty chips were amazing dipped in a vegan Thousand Island sauce! I had them with a tofu sandwich for lunch one day and suddenly I was dipping my chips in the Thousand Island sauce too- it made for a perfect combination! 

The Maple Bacon kettle chips can easily change a bacon lover's mind about bacon- you don't need pigs in order to get bacon! Bacon is all about the flavoring and Kettle Brand proves that. These chips provide a deep smoky flavor along with the sweetness of maple syrup and a light chili pepper taste. These chips are a must for any BBQ or gathering this summer. You may be able to convince your family and friends that bacon is all about flavoring! 

The Sweet & Salty chips are paired with sea salt and cane sugar to satisfy your sweet tooth. You won't be able to put the bag down! 

Currently, the  two new flavors of chips are being sold in stores for $2.69 for 5 oz bags and $3.49 for 8.5 oz bags. You have to get your hands on these! If you would rather buy these chips online rather than in store, visit BuyKettleChips.com

These chips are a must-have! Make sure to pick them up before your next summer gathering.

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Photo credit: Kettle Brand  | Disclaimer: Product sample provided by Kettle Brand