21 July 2013

Book Review: JJ The American Street Dog

Oftentimes, children do not know where animals come from or how they end up in their house as their “pet.” Children usually do not know that there are homeless pets out on the street and that all of them need happy forever homes.

Teaching kids about homeless animals can be a tough subject, but thankfully there are children’s books with beautiful illustrations that can help make the subject a little lighter.

Diane Rose-Solomon’s new children’s book, JJ The American Street Dog And How He Came To Live In Our House is a perfect example of a book that will not only teach children about animals, but will also teach children the importance of opening up their hearts and homes to a homeless animal. As the winner of Mom’s Choice Award, JJ The American Street Dog is not only an adorable story for the whole family to enjoy, but the hearts of animal lovers will melt as they read it. The story teaches many different lessons, including the lesson of all dogs and animals being equal, no matter what their background is or what their appearance may be.

JJ The American Street Dog follows six-year-old Maya who has wanted a dog for as long as she can remember. When her uncle finds a homeless puppy, Maya begs her family to let her keep him, and Maya and her family learn the importance of adopting a homeless animal rather than buying an animal from a pet store.

In an appropriate way for children to understand, the book teaches children about homelessness, abuse, neutering, and about animal rescues and shelters. When children and families read books like this, they may realize that animals are forever and once adopted, should not be returned. Books like this can teach families to make a pet a family commitment and get everyone involved so no problems come up in the future.

The book teaches children and families the importance of adoption and how buying pets from pet stores should be avoided. The book is full of useful lessons for families who are all animal lovers or for families who may be unaware of the issue on pet homelessness.

JJ The American Street Dog was written by Diane Rose-Solomon, a Certified Humane Education Specialist, who rescued the real-life JJ 17 years ago. This is her first book, but animal lovers all over will be excited to hear that this is the first book from the JJ series.

To purchase your copy of JJ The American Street Dog, please visit http://www.amazon.com/American-Street-Came-Live-House/dp/0985769017. A percentage of book proceeds will benefit animal rescue organizations, which is another great piece of information that your children will love! Your children will love hearing all the ways that they can help homeless animals. This book is a great read for the whole family.

For more information on animal care and adoption, please visit Diane’s website, Save Our Pets People and Planet at www.sop3.com.

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Photo credit: JJ The American Street Dog