13 May 2013

Hip Apotheca launches new vegan category

It can sometimes be tough to find the vegan beauty products you are looking for, but it’s certainly possible. When companies hear that their shoppers are looking for cruelty-free, vegan products, they do listen. Thankfully, the natural and organic beauty retailer Hip Apotheca has recently launched a new vegan category which features over 200 cruelty-free skin, body, nail, and makeup products that are also suitable for vegans. Hip Apotheca has always sold products that are free of animal testing, but now they have extended their line to attract vegans as well.

Vegans know that if someone isn’t meant to be eaten, it shouldn’t be worn either, and this also goes for beauty products. Now that Hip Apotheca has launched a new vegan category, finding the perfect vegan beauty products will never again be a struggle. The line features brands such as One Love Organics, Yarok Organic Hair Products, skinnyskinny, John Masters Organics, LippyGirl Makeup, Scotch Naturals, Alima Pure, and mbeze. With the vegan population on the rise, companies are smart to include vegan products in their stores.

As if we are not already excited about Hip Apotheca’s expanded vegan product category, we are even more excited that so many options are available so that we can purchase everything we need right there on their online beauty retail site. Vegans no longer have to surf the web and purchase items from numerous websites, since Hip Apotheca carries everything from haircare, to bath and body, to cosmetics, skincare, and nails.

The online store even features products for men as well as fragrances and gift packages. This could certainly make things easier for non-vegan family and friends who are questioning what to buy the vegan in their life.

Be sure to check out Hip Apotheca’s vegan products and support a company that truly cares about its consumers, as well as the world as a whole.

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Photo credit: Hip Apotheca