14 May 2013

Bill Gates new website promotes plant-based options

Bill Gates just gets smarter and smarter. This time, he is thinking about the future of food and encourages people to try eating plant-based.

Bill Gates cares about the world and the environment and he wants people to know that there are plenty of healthy and great-tasting foods that don’t require the large amount of resources that animal products require. You can see for yourself at his new website that promotes the Future of Food.

On the website, Gates talks about how meat consumption has doubled in the last 20 years, and is expected to double again by 2050. He stresses that we cannot produce enough meat to feed 9 billion people, so people should start trying plant-based options for the sake of the environment.

Gates mentions the healthy and delicious plant-based alternatives that are out there and how much he enjoys them. On the website, he wrote that they “taste just like eggs, chicken, and other sources of protein.” He said that he “couldn’t tell the difference” between the Beyond Meat brand chicken alternative, or the Beyond Eggs Hampton Creek egg substitute. He also mentions the health benefits and how the plant-based eggs do not contain the high cholesterol of real eggs.

The website also features several videos so viewers can learn the science behind plant-based proteins. Videos feature “The Science Behind Plant-Based Proteins,” “Reinventing Food,” “Remaking Meat,” “Egging On An Industry,” and “Solving For Sodium.”
“If we shift our thinking about what we eat, and how it gets to our plates, we’ll be more open to the food innovations that are out there,”explained Gates.

Hopefully others will follow Gates’ message. After all, we tend to grow up thinking we are supposed to eat animals instead of thinking about the other options. We don’t stop to think about how food gets on our plates.

To learn about the future of food, please visit http://www.thegatesnotes.com/Features/Future-of-Food.

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