16 April 2013

Meghan Telpner's 'UnDiet' is a breath of fresh air

Meghan Telpner’s ‘UnDiet: Eat your way to vibrant health’ is a breath of fresh air amongst the get-thin-quick fad diets currently littering bookstore shelves.

This book was born from Meghan’s own health struggles. It took three years of suffering through a laundry list of painful symptoms and subsequent testing before being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease.

When conventional remedies failed her, Meghan took her health into her own hands and embarked on a journey that led to a cure and the UnDiet revolution.

Almost immediately after delving into chapter one I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and breathed an enormous sigh of relief when reading number six (A cute outfit doesn’t mean much when you feel like total crappola) from the list of ‘Ten things you’ll learn undieting to vibrant health.'

Chapter two, The UnDiet Foundations, may be the most important chapter, not only for your physical well-being, but your mental health as well. It slowly chips away at all of the misinformation we’ve been fed about calories, weight loss, health washing of food labels and helps instill a new found confidence and trust in our own intuition.

Of course no health tome would be complete without recipes and UnDiet is no exception. They are arranged according to chapter and displayed in full color glory. While I was hoping for an abundance, there is more than enough to get started towards your most vibrant, beautiful life.

‘Start Sipping’ introduces the morning green juice shazaam and herbal mocha latte and a simple yet delicious one-pot stir-fry can be found in my favorite chapter, ‘Making love in the kitchen,' which will turn cooking from a chore to a joy faster than you can say "Susie Homemaker."

UnDiet is a fun and gentle approach to health that offers tips and tricks to incorporate gradual changes along your journey to your best self and is written with such love, humor, and honesty you’ll feel like you have your best friend holding your hand every step of the way. Want to win your very own copy of Meghan Telpner’s UnDiet? Follow me on twitter @jessdanov and tell me what being healthy means to you! One lucky winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday April 19 by 5pm.

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Toronto, Canada Jessica is a Toronto based actress who has been working in film, television, and theatre for the past seven years. She has recently taken a leap of faith and co-founded Empty Suitcase Theatre, a company that strives to produce shows that put strong women front and centre. She is a proud Canadian, vegan, and crazy cat lady.

Photo credit: Undiet Disclaimer: A review copy was provided by the publisher