EggNots: Easter fun for vegans

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This is going to sound like an advertisement. Ok, it is an advertisement but I am not getting paid! I am so passionate about this product that I want everyone to know and there is no better place than This Dish is Veg to shout it out!

A genius woman, whose niece had food allergies, created this product so that she, as well as other kids with food allergies, and vegan kids, could get in on the fun of Easter. They are called EggNots and they are ceramic, dyeable eggs!

Here are the facts straight from EggNots are:
- realistic
- inedible
- non-perishable and eco-friendly
- 100% safe for those with egg allergies
- vegan friendly - no animal products used!
- convenient
- made in the USA.

Place an order today just in time for Easter. We sent two dozen to my son's teachers who are so excited to make this Easter project extra special because EggNots last forever.

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Long Island, NY Lisa Dawn is an advanced certified Jivamukti yoga teacher, vegan food blogger, wife and mom. She is working hard to spread the vegan love through her cooking, teaching and blog. Lisa Dawn studies and teaches the yoga sutras. She divides her time between NYC and Northport

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